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What We Do

Establishing goals and developing a comprehensive plan are essential first steps for delivering successful communication. We work closely with our clients to identify their goals, outline measures of success, and then deliver flawless execution.

Strategic Communication Planning
Marketing & Branding

Your brand is far more than just the company name or logo. It is your broad approach to how you conduct business or provide service, one which hopefully draws a positive and emotional response from clients. Essentia Communications helps our clients understand their brand and develops action plans to share it in a way that makes your business succeed.

Video can be a powerful way to deliver your message. Our team works closely with clients to identify opportunities where video can punctuate your message as well as add some excitement. Once a story concept is selected, Essentia Communications facilitates the entire production process from script development to final editing and distribution.

Did You Know...

 - Landing pages with videos lead to 800% more conversion.

 - 60% of viewers will watch a video before reading any site text.

 - 88% of visitors stay longer on a site with prominent video content displayed.

 - Video presence on a webpage increases the likely interaction with your product, service, or institution       by 72%.

 - 82% of businesses report that video has a positive impact on their business.

 - Video promotion is 600% more effective than print and direct mail combined.

 - Videos in email have been shown to increase click-through rates by over 96% on the first introductory       email.

Video Production

Tell your story through photos. Essentia Communications shoots original pictures that can help your business illustrate its value. We've also partnered with a number of professional photographers for custom photo shoots, and have accounts with several online resources to enable to purchase of royalty-free stock photography. 


Let's face it, we live in a visually enticing world. Often times the design of your message can be just as important as the words. It's important to ensure that the graphics compliment the message. Essentia Communications facilitates this process by working with professional designers to create visuals that are impactful and effective.

Graphic Design

In some cases, social media can be a useful tool. However, simply creating a social media account, for the sake of creating a social media account, is usually not a good idea. Often times, poorly managed social media channels will have a negative impact on business. For this reason, developing a social media tool should be done as part of a larger communication goal setting and planning exercise. We help out clients better understand if social media is right for them, and develop rollout plans that will prove effective.

Social Media Guidance

Whether you're writing a simple email to a co-worker, preparing a complex report for a client, or writing copy for your website, the quality and clarity of the writing is as important as the content itself. There are many simple steps you can take to dramatically improve the clarity and effectiveness of your writing, from analyzing the audience to eliminating unnecessary words and information. Essentia Communications has the experience and the knowledge to train you or your employees in the art of writing.

Presenting your ideas and ensuring your message resonates with the audience is not easy. However, there are several simple steps you can take to make sure your message hits the mark. This usually involves taking time before you dive into developing your presentation to analyze your audience, develop a focused message, determine what information is and is not important, and figure out the desired "take-away". Essentia Communications works closely with clients to outline and create powerful presentations.

Presentation Development

Whether you need a complete design, a simple refresh, or improved navigation, Essentia  Communications has the background and knowledge to help you develop a visually appealing, streamlined, and effective website.


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